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Zacky Vengeance, the rhythym guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold

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Zacky Vengeance (born Zachary James Baker on December 11, 1981) is the rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist for the band Avenged Sevenfold.


In the Avenged Sevenfold DVD "All Excess" he recalls that before Avenged Sevenfold, he played in a one time punk band called MPA*, which stood for Mad Porno Action. The Music Of Mad Porno Action comes through in A7X's music at least the style. He implies that they were not successful. He and M. Shadows (who at the time was singer for the band Successful Failure) formed Avenged Sevenfold. He took the name Zacky Vengeance, stating that he had grudges against many people who doubted his success. He was also responsible for the creation of the acronym "A7X". Stating that the 'A' stood for avenged, and then the 7 stood for seven and the X commonly referred to as fold thus 'avenged seven fold' .[1] He is also left-handed. He taught himself how to play the guitar when he was thirteen.

The guitar he first learned on was actually his dad's, who was right handed. He learned by watching his favorite bands and other people he knew who played and practiced as much as he could. He would also read each edition of Guitar World cover to cover, learning the tabs of the songs published in there and watching the professionals perform it until he got it right. His influences in his style are Rancid, Misfits and Bad Religion. Zacky's favorite bands also include Metallica, ELIXIR, and Guns N Roses

He has a brother named Matt Baker who is with the band The Dear and Departed. He has a sister, named Zina Baker, which is now Zina Pacheco. She is married and has two kids now, Zacky's niece and nephew.

Zacky is half-German and half-Italian.

He has a dog name Ichabod C Vengeance, for whom he made a Myspace page and a Facebook page.

Zacky formerly worked at a coffee shop, and while he was in high school he played baseball, stating that if he had not pursued a career in Avenged Sevenfold, he would have gone on to professionally play baseball.

Zacky has recently released a Guitar model, which he, along with schecter guitars designed.

Vengeance UniversityEdit


Zacky released a clothing line called [1]"Vengeance University." He just released a new site called The line currently features t-shirts and belt buckles, featuring his trademark "Est. 6661" tagline on it.



Zacky uses Schecter Guitars

  • The Vengeance custom S-1
  • The Vengeance Standard Model (discontinued)
  • The ZV special
  • Vengeance custom S-1 (blood splatter)
  • Zacky has many custom shop S-1 models made exclusively for him, like fellow lead guitarist Synyster Gates

All models are loaded with Seymour Duncan JB Pickups


Speaker CabinetsEdit

  • Bogner Uberkab 4x12 Cabinet
  • Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Cabinet

Effects Units and AccessoriesEdit

  • Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
  • Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
  • Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus
  • Line 6 Tonecore Coise Constrictor
  • Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler
  • Line 6 PODxt Pro
  • Ibanez LF7
  • Seymour Duncan SFX-01 Pickup Booster
  • Voodoo Lab PEDAL POWER 2
  • Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher
  • Ernie Ball "Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom 10-52" strings[2]
  • Dunlop Tortex Orange plectrums 0.73mm (Avenged Sevenfold logo)
  • White Get'm Get'm Sergeant Stripes Strap


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